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Fox fur waistcoat brown


Fox fur waistcoat, brown with elegant gold zipper

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The women’s fox fur brown waistcoat with a fox grain leather with gold zip is a fashionable and elegant style accessory.
Natural fox fur has remarkable heat insulating properties.As a result, it works well in all seasons. Therefore, it can be worn directly over clothing as well as over a jacket in cold weather.
The fox fur waistcoat is finished with an elegant gold zip. This makes it look great in both sporty and elegant settings.
The natural fox fur waistcoat in brown has a high collar that perfectly protects the neck from the wind.

The brown fox fur waistcoat is made from the highest quality leather and accessories. As a result, it looks even better in person.


Length: 66 cm front/ 68 cm rear
Width: 50 cm

Material: 100% natural fox fur, grain leather accessories

Colour: shades of brown

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